Cro Minter
CRO Validator
Reliable and easy CRO staking
At ≈11.59% APY

We provide a reliable and easy staking service for CRO delegation. Our servers are maintained by IT specialists with many years of know-how.

Our Goal

Is to have 1% voting power, with the help of a solid amount of unique delegators.

Transparent Validator

We are transparent with what we do. Post news of our operation on our official twitter account.

Max Fee of just 1%

We offer a validator service with a max fee of just 1% which is to cover our expenses & maintenance.

High APR!

We always strive to have the highest APR as possible. Being one of the most efficient validators.

We are 5 dedicated enthusiast, and Icy white and royal indigo card holders. We are an experienced crew, with different backgrounds in IT providing a top class validation service for your CRO staking. 

Server up time
Total Delegated
Unique Delegators
Self Delegated